13 Days in Hell

Can you survive 13 days in hell? I like to think i can, but this game puts it to the test.

You are tasked with surviving wave after wave of undead, ax-wielding (and later other nasty weapons) monsters. They’re not quite zombies, what with their ability to use tools, but we’ll make an exception. You aim and fire with the mouse. Inside the aiming recticle is a rotating red dot, which tells you where the bullet will land. Getting the timing down takes a bit of work. You can switch weapons with the number keys or the mouse wheel, and reload with R or Space.

You are first armed with a revolver, which has a nasty habit of running out of ammo just as the bad guys are close enough to start hacking at you. After getting cleaved a few times, you’ll get the hang of timing reloads so that you can last a little longer. Once you survive the first day you’ll be able to upgrade your weapons a bit, which is nice until you realize that the bad guys have also been upgraded.

Click here to see how long you can last (opens in a new tab for full screen glory).


Your asshole

Fuck this goddam game and that stupid spinning sight. Jesus, I have shaky hands as it is. I don’t need a fucking sight. Makes me feel like Michael J Fox trying to pin the tail on a dancing donkey. Died on level 2. I suck zombie cocks…


I was more annoyed at the fact that I only had six rounds to take out the bastards.


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