Night Zero

Bricks of the Dead isn’t the only game in town when it comes to zombie comics. In fact, there’s a lot of other fantastic work out there, like Night Zero. Instead of traditional drawings, Night Zero tells its zombie-filled story through incredibly photography. And when I say incredible, I’m not kidding:

The talented folks at Night Zero use a process called High Dynamic Range imaging (HDR) to create such jaw-dropping imagery. Each photo is actually a composite of several different images taken at different exposures, which are then melded together. Digital artists then apply a lot of other post-production magic to the shots to give them that unique blend of snap shot and drawing.

Night Zero is set some time after the end of civilization. Out of the ashes of pre-plague Seattle, New City has risen. The leadership of New City are keeping the trains running on time, but are developing an iron grip on the populace and surrounding area, much to the chagrin of some of the more independently-minded survivors.

So if you’re looking for another great zombie story, or just want to look at lots and lots of beautifully rendered pictures, check out Night Zero. If you like what you see, consider buying their first two volumes in print, where the photography is even more impressive (computer monitors are fine and all, but you just can’t rival print).

Photography used with permission.

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