Endless Zombie Rampage

In Endless Zombie Rampage, you’re a lone survivor armed only with a pistol and a seemingly endless supply of bullets. Standing in your way is wave after wave of flesh-hungry zombies, who are all filled with an astounding amount of blood.

As you remorselessly mow down the shambling horde you’ll gain experience, which you can trade for weapons and power-ups at the end of every stage. While this sort of economy seems to be pretty common in the zombified post-apocalyptic world, it still never ceases to amuse me.

It takes a couple stages to save up enough experience to get the cooler weapons, like the Desert Eagle, but it’s well worth it once you start taking out zeds in a single hit. Of course the longer you go, the more zombies show up.

Get around with the ASDW keys, shoot with the mouse, reload with R or 0,  change weapons with the mouse wheel or the E & Q buttons, and pause with P. Good luck.

Click here to start the mayhem (opens in a new tab for full-screen glory).

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