Zombieville USA

The first sign of a quality zombie iPhone game is blood and gore. The second: shotguns and trucker caps.

Given that, Zombieville USA has got to be the best iPhone zombie game ever.

Here’s the deal: you’re this short, kinda stocky, kinda grumpy guy wearing a flannel shirt and trucker cap, walking down this suburban-type neighborhood street, where zombies shuffle along or push their way out of the ground. These are definitely zombies of the Romero school. No lightning speed here. However, they all look the same and don’t have blood all over them until you splatter their zombie brains all over the sidewalk.

And believe you, me, when you shoot them in the head, there is a large splatter zone. Lumps of brain and skull and other zombie flesh fly around. Very satisfying.

Your trucker alter ego has three choices of weapons: pistol, shotgun or automatic. As you pass houses on the street, you need to step inside each one, where you get money or more ammo for any or all three.

Though I’ve fired various weapons in real life, I don’t have anywhere near the experience to say which I’d be most comfortable with.

But in Zombieville? Definitely the shotgun. You get far less ammo, but if you’re patient enough wait until the zombie’s almost immediately in front of you, you can get it with just one shot. I rarely need more than two shots with the shotgun, but one is usually enough.

A relatively close second is the automatic. You get a lot of ammo, and a light touch to the road (that’s how you fire) fires off a nice salvo that usually gets the zombie; if not, another light touch finishes him off.

The pistol, well, that’s another story. You need to go rapid-fire. Four, five shots tend to finish them off. But it’s more work than the others and often the zombies take away some of your health in the process as they paw at you with their zombie meat mittens.

I’ve only downloaded the free version, which is just the first level, so I’m not sure how exciting the other levels are. I can only imagine they’re even more fun and that the money you earn by killing zombies (can you “kill” the undead?) lets you buy more weapons and ammo.

Let’s face it: I’m cheap. I don’t like to pay for apps. I downloaded every single free zombie app I could find, but I’ve deleted several already. When it comes time to play when I’m on a train and don’t have internet access, though, it’s Zombieville USA every time. I just might have to spring for the full version.

And I just might have to buy that trucker cap I’ve been eying.

Get more info on Zombieville USA here. And check out more from Amy “Bacon Queen” Vernon at her personal website and at the home of the Bacon Queen.


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